2 Pack Microwave Grease Filter LG LMH2235ST LMHM2237BD LMHM2237ST

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  • 2 Pack Microwave Grease Filter LG LMH2235ST LMHM2237BD LMHM2237ST
  • 2 Pack Microwave Grease Filter LG LMH2235ST LMHM2237BD LMHM2237ST
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2 Pack Microwave Grease Filter LG LMH2235ST LMHM2237BD LMHM2237ST

Microwave Oven Grease Filter. The manufacturer has replaced this item (part number 5230W1A012B) with part number 5230W1A012C.

Measurements : 5" x 7-5/8" x 3/32".

This GREASE filter is for the following LG Microwaves :

LMH2235ST, LMHM2237BD, LMHM2237ST, LMV1650ST, MV2048ASDL If your Microwave is NOT listed above, please send us a message so we may help you obtain the correct part!

LG 5230W1A012B.

Replaces Part Numbers :

55230W1A012C, 5230W1A012B, 2B72705B, 2B72705C, 5230W1A012A, 1345214 AP4442231, AH3527529, EA3527529, PS3527529 and others.

For use with the following LG Electronics models: LMV1630WW, MVH1670ST, LMV1680WW, LMV1680BB, LMV1680ST, MV1604SW, MV1502B, MV1501W, MV1502W, LMV1630BB, MV1608WW, MV1610WW, MV1608BB, MVH1615WW, MV1604SBQ, MV1608ST, LMV1650SB, LMV1630ST, MV1604SB, LMV1650ST, LMHM2017SB, LMV1650SW, MV1604ST, LMHM2017ST, MV1610ST, MV1501B, MV2040BSD, MV1645AGT, MV2040BSDL, MV1648AD, MV1644AQSL, MV1645AGTL, MV1645AQS, MV1648EG, MV1643ASY, MV1541AY, MV1644ATSL, MV1645EGL, MV1648EGL, MV1541X, MV1646EGY, MV1646EG, MV1647ADL, MV1648ADL. Refer to your manual to ensure ordering the correct, compatible part.


Manufacturer Appliance Model Description :

Kenmore 72162622200 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72162624200 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72162629200 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72162642200 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72162643200 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72162644200 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72162649200 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72162752100 Microwave
Kenmore 72162752200 Microwave
Kenmore 72162759100 Microwave
Kenmore 72162759200 Microwave
Kenmore 72162772100 Microwave
Kenmore 72162772200 Microwave
Kenmore 72162774100 Microwave
Kenmore 72162774200 Microwave
Kenmore 72162779100 Microwave
Kenmore 72162779200 Microwave
Kenmore 72167600790 Microwave Oven
Kenmore 72167601790 Microwave Oven
Kenmore 72167602790 Microwave Oven
Kenmore 72167680790 Microwave Oven
Kenmore 72167681790 Microwave Oven
Kenmore 72167682790 Microwave Oven
Kenmore 72180002000 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180002400 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180002401 Microwave
Kenmore 72180009000 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180009400 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180009401 Microwave
Kenmore 72180012000 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180012400 Microwave
Kenmore 72180012401 Microwave
Kenmore 72180014000 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180014401 Microwave
Kenmore 72180019000 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180019400 Microwave
Kenmore 72180019401 Microwave
Kenmore 72180022700 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180029700 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180032700 Microwave
Kenmore 72180033700 Microwave
Kenmore 72180039700 Microwave
Kenmore 72180042700 Microwave Oven
Kenmore 72180043700 Microwave
Kenmore 72180049700 Microwave
Kenmore 72180402400 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180402402 Microwave
Kenmore 72180403400 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180403402 Microwave
Kenmore 72180404400 Microwave/Hood Combo
Kenmore 72180404402 Microwave
Kenmore 72180409400 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180409402 Microwave
Kenmore 72180412500 Microwave
Kenmore 72180413500 Microwave
Kenmore 72180414500 Microwave
Kenmore 72180419500 Microwave
Kenmore 72180492000 Microwave
Kenmore 72180492400 Microwave
Kenmore 72180494000 Microwave
Kenmore 72180494400 Microwave
Kenmore 72180499000 Microwave
Kenmore 72180499400 Microwave
Kenmore 72180513600 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180522500 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180523500 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180524500 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180529500 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72180592000 Microwave
Kenmore 72180592400 Microwave
Kenmore 72180592402 Microwave
Kenmore 72180593000 Microwave
Kenmore 72180593401 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72180593402 Microwave
Kenmore 72180594000 Microwave
Kenmore 72180594200 Microwave
Kenmore 72180594400 Microwave
Kenmore 72180594402 Microwave
Kenmore 72180599000 Microwave
Kenmore 72180599200 Microwave
Kenmore 72180599400 Microwave
Kenmore 72180599401 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72180599402 Microwave
Kenmore 72180602500 Microwave Vent Hood Combination
Kenmore 72180603500 Microwave Venthood Combination
Kenmore 72180604500 Microwave Venthood Combination
Kenmore 72180609500 Microwave Venthood Combination
Kenmore 72180802400 Microwave
Kenmore 72180802401 Microwave
Kenmore 72180803400 Microwave
Kenmore 72180803401 Microwave
Kenmore 72180804400 Microwave
Kenmore 72180804401 Microwave
Kenmore 72180809400 Microwave
Kenmore 72180822500 Microwave
Kenmore 72180823500 Microwave
Kenmore 72180829500 Microwave
Kenmore 72180832500 Microwave - Range Hood
Kenmore 72180833500 Microwave - Range Hood
Kenmore 72180839500 Microwave - Range Hood
Kenmore 72181043700 Microwave
Kenmore 72181622600 Microwave-Hood
Kenmore 72181623600 Microwave-Hood
Kenmore 72185022010 Microwave Oven
Kenmore 72185032010 Microwave Oven
Kenmore 72185033010 Microwave Oven
Kenmore 72185033111 Microwave
Kenmore 72185039010 Microwave Oven
Kenmore 72186002010 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72186003010 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72186009010 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72186012010 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72186013010 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72188502800 Microwave Hood Combo
Kenmore 72188513900 Microwave/hood Combo
Kenmore 72189940490 Microwave
Kenmore 72189941490 Microwave
Kenmore 72189942490 Microwave
Kenmore 72189950590 Kenmore Microwave Oven
Kenmore 72189951590 Kenmore Microwave Oven
Kenmore 72189952590 Kenmore Microwave Oven.
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United States
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For Kenmore For LG
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5 Stars
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0.5 ft³ or less
Microwave Grease Filter
Compatible Model:
5230W1A012B, AP4438996 PS3527528 5230W1A012C
Set Includes:
Suitable For:
Microwave/Oven Combination, Range Hood
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