Customer's Responsibility

Customer's Responsibility: Ensuring a Smooth Shopping Experience at Redstag Supplies

As an online retailer, Redstag Supplies is dedicated to providing top-notch service and ensuring that our customers have a seamless shopping experience. However, it is essential for both us and our valued customers to understand and acknowledge the responsibilities that come with online shopping. In this article, we will discuss two critical areas where customers play a pivotal role in ensuring successful transactions: verifying the accuracy of shipping addresses and checking the compatibility of parts before placing orders.

  • Verify the Accuracy of Shipping Address:

One of the primary reasons for delayed or undelivered packages is an incorrect shipping address. At Redstag Supplies, we rely on the information provided by customers to deliver their orders efficiently. It is crucial for customers to take responsibility for verifying the accuracy of their shipping address details during the ordering process.

Upon placing an order, customers should carefully double-check the shipping address provided. Any mistakes or inaccuracies can lead to complications and ultimately impact the timely delivery of the package. Additionally, it is advised that customers promptly notify us within 2 hours of placing the order if any corrections or updates are necessary.

It is important to note that we cannot be held accountable for packages that are undeliverable or lost due to incorrect, insufficient, or wrongly formatted addresses. This also includes instances where packages are delivered to old addresses that were not updated during the ordering process.

To prevent any address-related issues, we recommend customers disable the auto-fill feature on their keyboards or browsers. Manually inputting the correct address will significantly reduce the risk of delivery problems.

  • Check and Verify the Part Numbers Before Placing Orders:

Ensuring that the correct parts are ordered for appliances is another crucial responsibility that lies with the customers. We understand that finding the right part can sometimes be challenging, but customers must take the necessary steps to verify the compatibility of the part they are ordering.

To do this effectively, customers should refer to their appliance's owner's manual or the manufacturer's website to obtain the exact part number they need. Easiest way to find the part number is by check the existing part installed in their appliance. Searching by part number, rather than generic queries or model numbers, will yield accurate and relevant results. Each appliance model can have various part numbers, and using the correct one is essential to avoid ordering the wrong part.

Customers should refrain from relying solely on search engine results or website recommendations, as they may not always provide the precise part required for their appliance. Instead, cross-referencing the obtained part number with the product title and specifications will ensure that the right item is being ordered.

It is also important to check the order confirmation email and the order history on the customer's account before raising concerns about receiving the wrong part. Verifying the order details will help avoid any misunderstandings and resolve any potential issues more efficiently.


At Redstag Supplies, we value our customers and strive to provide the best service possible. However, we believe that a successful shopping experience requires a partnership between the customer and the store. Verifying the accuracy of shipping addresses and checking the compatibility of parts are vital responsibilities that customers must take seriously.

By fulfilling these responsibilities, customers can enjoy a smoother shopping process, timely deliveries, and a reduced likelihood of encountering order-related issues. We are here to assist and support our customers throughout their shopping journey, but we also encourage them to actively participate in ensuring that their orders are accurate and successful. Together, we can create a satisfying and rewarding shopping experience at Redstag Supplies.