Must Read: Before Ordering

Ordering Tips: Ensure a Smooth Transaction

 1) Search by Part Number, Not Appliance Model Number

When searching for a product, use the specific part number rather than the appliance model number. Searching by model number can lead to incorrect results. Appliances often have thousands of different part numbers, and our search functionality is designed to locate items based on the unique part number listed in the product title.

2) Verify the Correct Part Number

Before placing an order, double-check that you have the correct part number for your appliance. Refer to the installed unit itself, the owner's manual, or the manufacturer's website. Our store cannot verify whether a particular part is compatible with your specific appliance model.

3) Confirm Accurate Shipping Address

After placing your order, carefully review the shipping address to ensure it is complete, up-to-date, and not an old address. Check the order confirmation email or your account details for the shipping information immediately. If you notice any inaccuracies, Contact Us within 2 hours of placing the order. Once an order is processed, changes may not be possible, and cancellations are not possible.

Please Note: If a package is lost, stuck in transit, or misdelivered due to an incorrect address provided by the customer, we cannot be held responsible, and no refund will be issued. A partial refund may be granted if the package is successfully returned to our fulfillment center, but no refund will be provided if the returned shipment is indefinitely stuck in transit or stuck at a mail recovery center of the shipping carrier.