GE 3/4 HP Batch Feed Garbage Disposer Non-Corded

  • GE 3/4 HP Batch Feed Garbage Disposer Non-Corded
  • GE 3/4 HP Batch Feed Garbage Disposer Non-Corded
  • GE 3/4 HP Batch Feed Garbage Disposer Non-Corded
  • GE 3/4 HP Batch Feed Garbage Disposer Non-Corded
  • GE 3/4 HP Batch Feed Garbage Disposer Non-Corded
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Brand: GE


  • Heavy duty 3/4 horsepower permanent magnet motor, with over 3100 RPM grinding action (based on RPM testing of cleared GE and competitive models)
  • EZ Mount installation with removable splash guard and stopper included
  • Super capacity with stainless turntable
  • DrainBoost technology, sound reduction technology
  • Stainless steel, dual-swivel, anti-jam grinding blades

Publisher: GE Retail Parts

Details: Batch feed food waste disposers operate by loading them with a batch of waste and then using the stopper to activate the blades to start grinding. These are ideal for someone who is remodeling a kitchen or wants to add a disposer, but isn't set up with a pre-existing wall switch. This model has a high RPM and high torque, to grind food finer and faster. Since select GE Disposal disposers can reach speeds of over 3500 RPM, while many brands can't reach over 2000 RPM, the Disposall disposers are less likely to jam. And, stainless-steel dual-swivel grinder blades means they're less likely to corrode, even after years of use. The Disposall offers a faster and finer grind right from the beginning. Now you can be free from the anti-jam key and able to power through food the first time, so you don't waste time. Installation made E-Z. E-Z Mount System makes installation a breeze for anyone. We have fewer parts and steps than most of our competitors' installation systems. The five-step installation starts by attaching a sink flange assembly. Then, the disposer snaps onto the sink flange under your sink, allowing water and waste to safely travel down the pipes. And, the Disposall easily attaches to your existing plumbing and wiring. After a quick installation, you can trust that your Disposall was made with stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials for maximum lifespan and durability. Drain boost technology helps keep your drain free and clear of food waste to ensure your water runs smoothly in the right direction. The Disposall has an angled fin which pumps water and ground food through pipes with higher speed and pressure to keep drains purged and help reduce clogs. All our models operate quietly and some even offer sound reduction technology. The sound reduction package includes a fully insulated sound shell, so our disposers can handle your toughest challenges while minimizing noise.

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